Jaime Hasten (jaimehlers) wrote in parasolparty,
Jaime Hasten


Please let me know if your turnips get above 130 this week. I've been tracking my prices and they've only been going down consistently, so I'm not sure if they'll go up in time for this week's batch to be profitable.
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No, I can't even put them on a table (already bought a regal table). I might try burying some of them, though.

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By the way, I have that painting for you, if you'd like.

And if my stalk market doesn't improve, I'll try leaving them out Saturday.
Please, I really don't want to end up selling these turnips for half of what I bought them for, and I don't want to have to deal with them maybe being picked up by the lost and found. Basically, if anyone has a good turnip price today or tomorrow, I would really appreciate it.