Jaime Hasten (jaimehlers) wrote in parasolparty,
Jaime Hasten

I dislike that Lyle creep

I had to shut the game off to avoid getting shafted for 6000 bells of insurance I wasn't sure I wanted. Be nice if he'd actually take "No" for an answer. Mr. Resetti is interesting (first time I've met him), but it's a pleasure I'd rather avoid in the future. And just a side note, I've been fairly lucky with turnips this week. Most of the times I've checked with Nook, it's been above 100 bells per.

Anyway, Kerina, I have something for you. Drop me a line when you get a chance. Also, Elfir? Were you needing a lovely lamp, by any chance? I got one out of the recycle bin.
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